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Advanced Lease Systems, Inc.

Providing Software to the Leasing & Finance Industries Since 1984

Lease Accounting & Management Software

Our flagship Lease software is designed to take care of your lease accounting and management needs. From providing your accountant with book and tax accounting figures to billing and collecting from your client, our software can fulfill the needs of vehicle, equipment and Lease Here Pay Here (LHPH) lessors.

Loan Accounting & Management Software

Much like our Lease Accounting software, the Loan software can take care of your loan accounting needs for both Simple Interest and Pre-Computed Loans. Our software is built for vehicle, equipment and Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) lendors.


From quoting a new deal through credit application processing and document preperation, CarCalc is your "go to" front-end software solution. CarCalc easily provides all of the functions necessary to move your customers into the product of their choice through a lease or a loan.

About A.L.S.

Who We Are

Founded early in 1984, Advanced Lease Systems, Inc. (A.L.S.) designs, develops, markets and supports a group of specialized products for the leasing and finance industries. A.L.S. is dedicated to developing automated systems that provide solutions to its customers' present needs and future requirements. Our software products are designed to work with a variety of hardware configurations ranging from stand-alone PCs to multi-user networks.

A.L.S. provides nationwide customer support. The support program includes complete on-site, hands-on training, comprehensive user documentation, continual software enhancements, and online support. Our customer support department is available from 5:30 am Pacific time until 8:00 pm Eastern time and there is always someone on call 24/7.

What We Do

The "Advanced" Solution

At A.L.S., we have the right automated solution for your business today! From the very beginning, a decision was made to specialize in providing a complete Lease Accounting and Management System for the vehicle and equipment leasing industry. Our design philosophy has been to combine proven software programming techniques with a relentless effort to understand and solve the "Real World" accounting and management problems of the lessor and to do so at “Down to Earth” prices.

The Advanced Lease Accounting and Management System literally has been designed by the industry it serves. We have listened and learned from hundreds of experienced leasing professionals. This practical knowledge has enabled us to design a product that is unequaled in comprehensiveness yet straightforward and easy to use. This is a real-time, interactive system that streamlines your entire flow of information, providing improved productivity, cost savings, and many other benefits.

From the smallest portfolio measured in hundreds of leases to the largest measured in tens of thousands, A.L.S. customers enjoy the maximum in performance, value and reliability.

Reduced Cost and Increased Sales

The A.L.S. System improves the productivity of your personnel at every critical step in your business by automating such functions as pricing, new lease booking, G/L postings, payment entry, book and tax accounting, billing, late charges, insurance/title tracking, collections, detailed sales/use tax tracking and reporting, and much more. Redundant, time-consuming tasks are automated, thereby freeing your staff to work on other important projects.

Improved Control

The A.L.S. System provides you with peace of mind knowing that you are working with an industry leader who is fully committed to excellent service and long-term customer support. Your investment is protected because you can start small and grow your system along with your business. Important decisions can be made with confidence and precision with the use of our instant, up-to-the-minute portfolio information. Expensive mistakes due to accounting and lease tracking errors are eliminated. You will reduce your financial exposure through automated insurance tracking and collection features.

Enhanced Customer Service

Your software products are enhanced by improved customer service. Many on-screen, instant inquires are available for virtually every aspect of any given account, including customer history, account status, demographics and payoffs.