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Lease Accounting & Management Software

Our flagship Lease software is designed to take care of your lease accounting and management needs. From providing your accountant with book and tax accounting figures to billing and collecting from your client, our software can fulfill the needs of vehicle, equipment and Lease Here Pay Here (LHPH) lessors.

Loan Accounting & Management Software

Much like our Lease Accounting software, the Loan software can take care of your loan accounting needs for both Simple Interest and Pre-Computed Loans. Our software is built for vehicle, equipment and Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) lendors.


From quoting a new deal through credit application processing and document preperation, CarCalc is your "go to" front-end software solution. CarCalc easily provides all of the functions necessary to move your customers into the product of their choice through a lease or a loan.

Export Data for Custom Reports

Data Extraction

The A.L.S. Lease Accounting and Management System has over 1600 pieces of information stored for each lease account. You can extract every piece of information stored in your database. You can extract calculated information like up to the minute payoffs and outstanding lease account balances. Payment histories, collection, title, and insurance notes can be extracted. The uses are endless!

Data Extraction

Information is extracted to comma-delimited files (CSV) that can then be used in all kinds of ways. The information can be merged into documents, placed in spreadsheets, and even imported into other database systems. You can generate Data Extract CSV files on the spot or set them up to generate at scheduled times. Information can be gathered immediately, daily, monthly, or at year end.

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