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Lease Accounting & Management Software

Our flagship Lease software is designed to take care of your lease accounting and management needs. From providing your accountant with book and tax accounting figures to billing and collecting from your client, our software can fulfill the needs of vehicle, equipment and Lease Here Pay Here (LHPH) lessors.

Loan Accounting & Management Software

Much like our Lease Accounting software, the Loan software can take care of your loan accounting needs for both Simple Interest and Pre-Computed Loans. Our software is built for vehicle, equipment and Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) lendors.


From quoting a new deal through credit application processing and document preperation, CarCalc is your "go to" front-end software solution. CarCalc easily provides all of the functions necessary to move your customers into the product of their choice through a lease or a loan.

Concurrent Notes

Accounting for loan receivables and income is only half of your loan accounting job. Tracking outstanding note obligations must be done in order to determine the profitability of your loan portfolio. We can help you do that!

Our Loan Accounting and Management System gives you the ability to track outstanding notes for more than one funding source. Unique general ledger accounts can be assigned to each of your funding sources so your balances are easy to retrieve.

Note interest types can be set up as simple interest, level principal or rule of 78’s. Our Notes Payable Report can be used to verify your outstanding note data against your funding source’s statement. Our End of Loan Term Report will assist in your review of balloon payment obligations coming due in future months.

Several reports, including our 5 Year Cash Flow Report and Cash Flow Analysis Report, provide you with monthly and annual projections of revenue vs. expense, keeping you on top of your financial status.

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