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Lease Accounting & Management Software

Our flagship Lease software is designed to take care of your lease accounting and management needs. From providing your accountant with book and tax accounting figures to billing and collecting from your client, our software can fulfill the needs of vehicle, equipment and Lease Here Pay Here (LHPH) lessors.

Loan Accounting & Management Software

Much like our Lease Accounting software, the Loan software can take care of your loan accounting needs for both Simple Interest and Pre-Computed Loans. Our software is built for vehicle, equipment and Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) lendors.


From quoting a new deal through credit application processing and document preperation, CarCalc is your "go to" front-end software solution. CarCalc easily provides all of the functions necessary to move your customers into the product of their choice through a lease or a loan.



The Loan Accounting and Management System provides our customers with more than 60 different reports. Many reports can be sorted and printed in various ways.  Report types include: management, transaction, financial, sales tax, termination / inventory, dealer, salesman, tracking, general ledger and special forms. All reports may be run on an on-demand or recurring basis. On-demand reports provide a print preview option with the ability to print selected pages or the entire report. Selected reports provide for the output of a comma-delimited (CSV) file, which may be used by third party software such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access for further manipulation by the user. A few of the available reports are described for you below.

Cash Flow Report: Provides a detailed listing by loan, with summaries, showing projected cash flows for the next five years. Loans with concurrent financing will show both loan revenue and loan expense for each period. Loan balloons will be shown as receipts when due and concurrent financing balloons as expenses when due.

Sales Tax Report: Provides detailed information by loan with summaries by tax authority and state. Each tax authority may have up to five additional breakdowns. For example your tax authority might be a county and within that county you may have a city tax, a transportation tax, a school tax and a special assessment. The Sales Tax Report will summarize each of these breakdowns.


End of Term Report: Provides a detailed listing by Company or by Marketing Rep of all loans coming to term between two user specified dates. Some of the information provided includes customer name, phone number, asset description, maturity date and the balloon. This is an invaluable tool for contacting your customers for future business possibilities.

Posting Journal: Provides detailed and summarized information on every transaction that generates entries to the A.L.S. general ledger. The generation of this report creates the interface file to import into your corporate general ledger software. The A.L.S. software can interface to virtually any general ledger software that includes the ability to import data. This report also generates a comma-delimited (CSV) file of posting journal information.

Delinquency Report: Provides a detailed listing of all delinquent accounts. This report may be sorted in a number of different ways based on your collection preference. The report contains information such as customer name, phone numbers, asset information, last payment date, details of outstanding charges, balloon amount and payoff as of the date of the report. Everything you need to make your collection process quick and easy.

This is a small sample of the reports available with the system. For a complete list of included reports and samples, please request our sample reports package with your request for more information.

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